Monday, March 30, 2009


Regarding the survey that was available a few weeks ago for you to take about 110words, Brad and I have reviewed the results and you will see some changes being made in a few weeks. Thank you for taking your time to complete the survey and to take part in 110words!!!

This week's prompt was: * Prompt - This cat just got a major break and will star in the new Muppet Movie. Tell me about the character the cat will play in the movie and what the cat did to land the part. Great job, Josh!

The Replacement
By: Josh S.

Filming for the new muppet movie was starting in April. Jim Henson got an email from Animal’s agent saying that Animal was not able to do the film due to an elbow injury from drumming. That gave Jim one day to find a replacement. That night he was scheduled to see a band play in Manhattan. Kermit and Miss Piggy had invited him for a night out before starting production. Jim called them to cancel, but they would not accept no for an answer. So he went to satisfy their egos, and there he found Beastie, a great drummer, a freelance actor, and an attitude crazy enough to replace Animal.

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