Monday, March 23, 2009


I found this gem on That bunny is for real, ya'll. Seriously. Wow.

Okay, so this past week, the writers had three prompts to guide them:
1) Must be 110 words or less
2) Must be in by 11am today
3) How did the bunny and the man holding the bunny meet? (They can't be owner/pet)

Here's the magic happened:

Eddie Rabbit Alter-Ego
By: Randy H.

Dewey’s was slow, so slow that the girls bailed before the last set. The smoke was thicker than usual and curiously sweet. Teddy felt sick and the sweat was a squall. He needed the money so he swallowed one last shot and set his pick. Next thing he knew, he was singing songs he’d never sung before. He closed the bar with “Every Which Way but Loose” but had no idea why. Ironic? Yea, his head was pounding. Dude in the front asked for a photo and autograph; wrapped his arm around him and grinned. The lights went out and that is all Teddy could remember.

George and Bugs
By: Josh S.

George met Bugs at the annual Holtville Carrot Festival. George first saw Bugs in the Carrot Festival parade as one of the largest rabbits to win the carrot eating contest. Later George ran into Bugs at the Best Western indoor pool where he struck up a conversation about why his parents named him Bugs. George remembers Bugs responding that his parents weren’t very creative. Their choices were either Bugs or Roger. They chose Bugs, and saved the name Roger for his younger brother. That was the beginning of George and Bugs’ friendship. Every year since, they have stayed at the same Best Western with connecting rooms for the Carrot Festival.

Caught Ya!
By Linda Gail A.

At first I thought I was losing my mind. Food was missing; specifically my chocolate. I laid a trap. I put chocolate cream eggs in a bowl on the counter. Then I sprinkled flour on the floor. I left the room and I waited. The noises came, and I turned on the lights. Sure enough, the eggs were gone, and there were huge tracks. I grabbed my cane and followed them outside and under my porch. There two eyes glimmered back at me. It took time and many more chocolate eggs, but soon I had my hands on fur. And to my surprise I pulled out a giant bunny.

Big Bunny
By Deb Freitag

“‘Twas the luck o’ the Irish on that day, I’ll tell ya tha’,’” remarked Pauly as he donned his cap. “As you know, I’d had a might strong gamin’ streak in me since way back.” His quickening step revealed his excitement. “I’d lifted up a bit of a prayer t’my ever present

God: “Lord, y’know I’ve overspent on my gamin’, so forgive me and bring on the luck today.”

Well, as I tossed out the dice I yelled, “‘Big Money, Big Money,’ and as luck would have it I blurted ‘Big Bunny’ the third time. And dontcha just know that I lost at the dice but won the rabbit raffle!”