Monday, June 15, 2009

Closing Out The 3 Week Series On Genres

The final installment of our 3 week series on genres was "Politically Correct". I was a little disappointed about the amount of stories sent in this time - I thought P.C. could be the easiest to tackle. However, it was very interesting to see how each of the writers below took a different angle with how they viewed being politically correct. I thought that was so unique and cool.


Midgets, Miners, & Misery
By: Randy H.

Dear Mother,

I hope this letter finds you well as I myself am feeling ill. Don’t worry; I’m fine, really. It’s just the critics, they are overwhelming these days. I’ve caused quite a stir with my ‘Snow White’ creation. The ‘Little People’, corrected as I am, are seeking legislative asylum due simply to how they were referred. Those in the mining community are outraged claiming they were depicted erroneously as ignorant, naive laborers. I’ve enclosed a copy of the title tune to my new feature. Hopefully ‘When You Wish upon a Star’ will quiet the politically correct crowd. Not catching any flak from the children. Go figure.

With love,

Upright Biped
By: Linda Gail A.

We loosely call our creator Walt, but in truth he is so much more. He is technically speaking a homo-sapiens, an anthropoid, and an upright biped but he’s commonly known as human. Walt is the author, the originator, the generator, the designer of who we are. We are animated genius if we do say so. We are not the vermin that many of our kind are referred to as. We have spirits. We have souls. We have personalities. We matter; and we demand to be treated as those with rights! And to further our cause we have created a foundation called ACE: Animated Characters for Equality.

Walt Missed James
By: Jerry H.

Walt missed James. Of all of Walt’s incredible creations James’s work on the screen gave him the most satisfaction. That movie was the first of its kind, mired in controversy, nervous investors, but Walt believed, and his beliefs, his dreams had a way of becoming reality. James was not allowed to attend the festivities of the opening. Walt said “James Baskett was the best actor I believe, to be discovered in years.” Now do to sins that have never healed James’ portrayal of Uncle Remus would not be seen by generations of children and that sadden Walt, because he believed in the world of tomorrow, where color didn’t matter.

Thursday, June 11, 2009