Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Thursday Juicer

Every day of thurs. we're going to post a little something something to get your creative juices flowing. Today's Juicer is some short story advice from Kurt Vonnegut. It's good gravy. Enjoy. 

Monday, August 25, 2008


We received some feedback that posting two stories wasn't enough. The people want more. The people are hungry and apparently two flavorful fiction bites aren't satisfying enough. So we'll feature one and then under that give you some more. Sound fair? Send us an email to join the madness. New post every Monday.

Daydream Believer
by Jenny S.

Natasha had dreamt about this moment for 20 years. While other girls had drooled over Barbie’s Dreamhouse, Tash gawked into her full-length mirror; covered in bold streaks of makeup, and clothes she had outgrown 20 months previous. A turn this way, that way. Strike a pose. Work it.

And the auditions! Lose some weight; wear tighter clothes. Headshots being taken by ugly men with thick accents and even thicker mustaches.

But finally – Natasha’s dream of being an Extra had come true. Granted, she’d been standing in this position for four hours, wearing ridiculously short attire, clutching the umbrella. But to Natasha, she might as well been holding a Golden Globe.

Gimme some more...

Monday, August 18, 2008


We're off and running. Thanks to everyone who submitted. The current plan is each Monday we'll feature new stories here on this blog and immediately send out the next photo via email. If you didn't receive that email and want to join this experiment, drop us a line:

The two feature stories show great contrast in style and content. Hope you enjoy. Looking forward to what you send in this week.

Run for the Gold
by Mark H.

Although Elmer Ploddin and Merle Swampy were the Cinderella Team of the 29th Olympiad, their hopes for Olympic gold were dashed in the finals of the Synchronized Beach Traffic Directing competition. Ploddin and Swampy had forged their partnership in the crucible of rush hour traffic in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Former Olympic gold medalist Armsa Wavin dissected Ploddin and Swampy’s performance. “As you can see, Swampy landed in the surf with both feet for an immediate five tenths deduction,” said Wavin. “You can step on the line between surf and turf, but the water is out of bounds.”

It was a sad day for the fans in Rabbit Hash.

By Jennie O.

Swirling, Dark, and Cold
the depths were unknown
Yet she dove deeper

Blackness, Waves of isolation
pressure stole her breathe
Uncomprehending she questioned,
explored,searched and dove deeper

Darkness reigned.
Pressure Rose.
Everchanging tides stilled in the deep.

Reaching out she felt no limits to these depths.
Weightlessness. Her chest swelled.
Tears of exhaustion mingled with the sea.
The Red tide abated.

Rhythmic beating of the waves, warmth, light,
Sound emerged as she surfaced.
She was beckoned "Come come Forgiveness is the LAW of the land!"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


No Escape
by Brad W.

With his plum-sized eyes, Tunnellove searches for his maniacal trainer. His jockey, Santo, sits crouched underground asking TL what he sees. "It's either a bahmistfah or a pathetic game of hide and seek....I can't tell." Santo asks if they have nets or tranq guns or suspicious demeanors. Tunnellove shakes his head no. "Then lets ride!" shouts Santo. TL just stands there. Not even a flinch in response to Santo's friendly slap. He just feels overwhelmingly safe. Comforted by the surrounding cool earth. The hunched-over jockey rests his head on TL's mane and says, "I know...I'd rather wait...."