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Even though it's an advertisement, the writers took a great approach to what could have been a totally crappy boring statement.

Monday, February 23, 2009


By chance, if you have just stumbled across this writing experiment, let me catch you up to speed... A bunch of us goofy writers get together once a week and write short fiction bits based off of a picture that is sent out the week prior. It has to be 110 words or less and sometimes there are prompts. You've caught us in week #2 of a 3 week series on character devolpment. The pictures change, but each person must work at devolping the main character from week #1 and tieing them into week #2's photo. And so on and so forth. So take a gander and feel free to drop some comments.

Other Plans
By: Randy H.

Satisfied that Kenny was sober, the warden left. Now, Kenny had just enough time before kickoff to grab a bag of pork rinds and his 'Bama foam finger. As he headed up the ridge, he noticed his cousin Herb and a few others, that he had not laid eyes on before, had gathered out in front of his trailer. Remembering that the revival meetin' was goin' on, Kenny decided to go with what he already had-half of an oatmeal cream pie and a plug of Levi Garrett. He had to hurry though to get back down the hill before Herb caught sight of him. Today football was his religion.

By: Scott D.

"It could have been one of Jerry’s proudest moments. He stood in deep thought and awe at the fact that his idea had finally come to fruition. To see so many others enjoying the festivities like the Squirrel Shoot and the Toilet Seat Ring Toss was a bit overwhelming. The only thing that made this day completely unforgettable was the completely liberating feeling of vinyl, albeit loose-fitting, against his skin on such a sublime summer afternoon."

Moving On
By: Josh S.

Since Geoff's fishing boat was confisgated last week, Geoff had to adapt his fishing techniques by purchasing rubber pants overalls at the local gas station. He realized that they would be perfect expanding his ability to get deeper in the water without having a boat. Part of Geoff's probation agreement from the "boat incident" was that he was not allowed to wear any Alabama clothing. The University took out a restraining order against Geoff for negative publicity after the picture of his boat made the font page of the newspaper. This morning Geoff traded a blue gill for a Coors Light. Representatives from Coors had "no comment" on the photo.

Last Witness
By Stephen T.

We caught up with Jerald Furnbee, cousin of Roscoe Furnbee who went missing last summer in search of a creature believed to be the inspiration for the Arkansas Crimson Tide elephant mascot.

“I knew I’d be getting’ questions at this family reunion but I don’t know too much. I told him not to go out there. I pushed his boat 20 feet out and that’s the last I seen uh him. Brave kid but kinda slow. He could be anywhere.”

Jerald has worn the waiters he had on that day since his cousin went missing as a memorial.

“I’ll I got is Coors Light to keep from goin’ crazy.”

Love thy cousin ?
By: John A.

As luck would have it, ordinarily good natured Earl got picked to help his cousin Larry out of a tight spot out on the water. And it doesn't take much to set him off when it comes to Larry. His shenanigans gripe Earl to no end. Poor Earl somehow always gets the short end of the stick. "Leave it to Larry to get hisself all tangled up in fishin' line, doggone idjit. I think I'll knock the far outta him" squawked Earl as he gazed up and down the lakeshore, looking for Larry's whereabouts. "Well, HAIL FAR ! I don't see 'em no where. The damn fool. Well, he can just wait. I'm gonna finish this beer first."

By: Linda Gail A.

When I first started fishing, I rigged up a lawn chair on a small raft complete with steering capabilities. Now, I’m older and I’ve upgraded my ride. I found what used to be a porch of a camping cabin, and converted it. Now it’s my raft, complete with shade from the sun. Fishing has never been sweeter. The only problem is that I need help from friends to launch me, and then they want to come along. But it’s cool. You can’t be a loner forever. And besides, they usually bring food along!

Bubba’s brother
By: Mary F.

That’s Bubba for you –left me holding the bag. Pa told us he’d cut us out of his will if we didn’t start acting nice to his new wife’s relatives. So now I’m stuck in the middle of these city slickers. I’ll bet anything Budda is sittin on that fishing chair in the middle of the lake having a beer.
And that ain’t the half of it – he’ll get by with it. Wouldn’t be surprised if Pa cut me out of the will and gave Bubba my share. His new wife will probably say I wasn’t nice to these freaks. A fella can’t win for losing.

“Boating Accident”
By: Russ B.

“Ah don know whut al do wif out my cuz, Festus”
Billy-Bob was beside himself with a grief that went deeper than his best waders.

For two days teams of relatives scoured “Ellyfant” Lake to try to find some trace of the beloved entrepreneur, yachtsman, and cousin to all... Festus.

“Ah blame muh self. Ah nevr shudda souped dat motor up. Festus cuddn’t handle fas cars or wimmin. Guess wull hafta add waterkraft to dat list.”

“Cudda ben a bird strike. We had dat lake cuvverd wif decoys ta keep da ellyfants herded.”

Spirits remained high... (the beer was really cold!) It was destined to become an annual event.

Back Home Music
By: Jerry H.

Leroy swallowed a cold one allowing the liquid to explode in his stomach like the splash his kids make jumping into the pool. He hadn’t been back home since his video for American-Inventors won, not because of his fishin’ chair, but how he combined coal and foam, that was now being used from housing to space shuttles. It felt good to be out of suits, just relax and be himself. He laughed at the challenge of his kids and Bettylou as they pumped out a Habitat for Humanity house on her parent’s old farm. The blue grass music and dancing sombered him. He softly cried. His dad would’ve been proud.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Alrighty, so we here at 110words decided to try something a little different. As I mentioned in last week's blog, we no longer are focusing on a "winning entry". Everyone's stories are good and everyone can glean something from each entry. Also, for 3 weeks we will be focusing on character devolpment. We began the process during week #024 using this photo. Whatever character was devolped out of the photo you see above, is the character each writer must stick with for week's #025 and #026. The photo's will change - the main character will not. It's not too late to get in on the fun, just e-mail me at and I'll send you the photos....

As for week #024's gems....

Bama Man
By: Stephen T.

“I am searchin’ for answers, ya know, like that DaVinchi Code guy. I just don’t got any money for fancy equipment.” Roscoe Furnbee, 28-year old Alabama football fan, longs to discover the greatest mystery of his people, the Crimson Hippo. The meaning behind the Crimson Tide’s mysterious elephant remains a mystery to some. Roscoe says he knows the answer.

“Last summer, me and my cousin Daryl was out here fishin’ when we saw this big, red thing come up outta the water. My daddy told me that in 1929, Coach Wade was out here drinkin’ tryin’ to clear his mind when he saw it.”

“I will find that red monster.”

Alabama Pride
By: Josh S.

In this photo Geoff is explaining to the local authorities his reasoning for turning a chair into a fishing boat and using it to fish in the lake. Geoff was looking for sympathy telling the cops that he needed extra money so he can buy tickets to the next Alabama football game. The cops tried to explain to Geoff that there were no fish in this lake, and that swimming let alone fishing from a lawn chair boat was illegal and dangerous. Geoff told them that the gas station owner said he would give Geoff five dollars for every fish he brought back from the lake. Joke was on Geoff.

Dem Mountains They Dream, They Dream
By: Jerry H.

Leroy dreamed of life beyond these Lookout Mountains. As he set up the video camera he ‘borrowed’ from the Wal-Mart down in Huntsville his insides shook like his uncle Leroy during his biannual detox sessions. He wanted to send a video to that American Inventors TV program to show his personal fishing chair device. Even though his Dad screamed that working the mines wasn’t so bad it’ll keep you in money and Betty Lou just laughed at his silliness, Leroy had moving pictures in his head that he would only see for real with some cash and education; no coal mine would get him that, and Betty Lou deserved more.

Idle Living
By Linda Gail A.

Wentworth Leroy Worthington III was a disappointment to his father and grandfather. Willie, as his friends called him, loved nothing more than two things – The University of Alabama and good old fashioned fly fishing. And since he inherited enough that he’d never need to work if he lived a frugal life, that’s what he aimed to do. A log cabin on the lake, a homemade motorized raft and a radio tuned to the Crimson Tide’s games, and Willie was set for life as he saw it. Forget high society. Forget dating women that only want him to get a job. This is the life!

Roll Tide
By: Randy H.

"Yep, we'll go right out there a ways to get the best signal," Kenny explained to the game warden, who wondered about the contraption he had seen motoring around the lake.

Kenny wasn't one for long drives or large crowds but he loved his Crimson Tide football. Instead of traditional tail gating, Kenny enjoyed listening every Saturday on his FM dial. A scratchy, snowy broadcast was all he was able to get from his trailer tucked beneath the densely wooded ridge.

"You been drinkin'?", questioned the warden.

"No sir," replied Kenny. "Neither the Lord or the extre weight on these insulation panels could stand it." "Plus it's dangerous."

By: Russ B.

“Jist twenny-five dollers, an a’ll take ya out wher de ellyfants are.”

Before I could escape, The Huckster had me in his spell.

“Now `yall don wurry bout dem ellyfants attackin. Ellyfants are a scared a ducks. An I got all deese decoys to keep `em away.”

How far would he go with this pitch? I had to hear more.

“An if dat ain’t enuff, me `n cousin Billy-Bob wired this motor to outrun anythin’ on dis lake.”

Even though I knew the Alabama Elephants were a hockey team, his spiel (and my love of speed) were irresistible.

Darn shame that battery was dead!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Writing Workshop

I'm not sure what you have scheduled for this Tuesday night (2/17/09) but whatever it is, cancel it and make sure that you're at the Vineyard Community Church's Student Union building for a sweet writing workshop led by Brad Wise.

Anywoo, whether you've written novels or just funny e-mails, come out and have some fun writing with your peers. Brad will facilitate and it's only from 7-8:30pm so it's not even that long. I went to the last one and it was a blast.

Join us for an experiment in short fiction led by Brad Wise. Your imagination will be stretched through exhilarating, invigorating, stimulating and amusing writing exercises. (How about those big words?) It'll be fun and laid back, perfect for non-writers and closet-novelistsalike. Bring your laptop and/or journal + pen. For ages 16-103.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Juicer: People are so strange # 2

This has nothing to do with anything. It's just weird. And I'm not sure what's weirder- the lady scared of balloons or the fact that Maury is on television scaring the crap out of her.

Monday, February 9, 2009


This week's photo was taken by Cindy Tucker. I asked her for a little background on the shot. "Remember that local bakery in Dresden, Germany that I visited while I was attending the 24-7 Prayer International Leaders Gathering? Well this sign was located just a few doors down to what looked like a resident entrance. There was a group of us walking to lunch when we discovered it. Needless to say, I think this young man's sign had it's picture taken by at least half the attendees of the gathering."

"We attempt to contact the person and invite them to lunch with us because we wanted to hear his story and what adventures the sign had brought, but he wasn't home."

Also, the administers at 110words made an executive decision to just start focusing on the entries as a whole, and not "picking an winning entry". Because really, everyone's entries should be highlighted. And now, without further interruption...

Next Step
By: Josh S.

Thomas was trying to come across as embarrassed by the sign he secretly put on the window of the family diner acting as if someone else was responsible for it. It had been 4 years since the accident. Thomas had barely spoken to or even looked at a woman since he lost his wife. Last night he had decided to move on after much encouragement from his family and his daughter. He needed a way to jump start the process to let everyone know he was ready. His daughter came up with the sign idea as a joke. Deep down Thomas hoped that something might come out of the sign.

Window Shopping
By: Randy H.

Hey look honey, in this window. It looks as if someone is desperate for a date. Isn't that romantic?

Romantic? It's a hand made WANT ad! What's wrong with the world when a man can't walk up to a woman and ask her face-to-face for a date?

These are different times dear. Young people today meet and get to know each other on the computer. He must not be able to afford one of those match making web sites.

This recession is nailing everyone…banks, retailers, auto makers, and even single guys. I betcha Henry Ford never had trouble getting laid! He didn't need a computer, that's for sure.

By Linda Gail A.

“Wanted – Lil’ Sexy Gal ta make me warm this Fall – Reward….” I stuck it up on my parent’s shop window with two pieces of gum. I just hope she walks by before my Pops sees it, because I know he’ll take it down. He wouldn’t understand. But, Emily will understand and know it’s for her. After all, she’s the cutest girl in the second grade, and she dressed up as a princess for Halloween. I overheard her telling a friend that she wanted a boy who would make a scene for her. Hope this works before any of the guys see this or I’m toast!

The Princess
By: Mary F.

Hey, Thomas, what’s with that ad?” Jake asked.

“Just what it says,” Thomas replied, not bothering to look up from his computer screen.

“Don’t you want to find your princess yourself?”

“No time for that. I’ll pick from the applicants.”

“Well, Thomas,” Jake said two weeks later. “You got a response.”

“Just read it to me. I have to finish this program.”

“Hey, big guy. I’m just what you need – a well built royal brunette. Cuddling is my cup of tea. If you want to go out and play, I’m game. Consider me your little princess. Enclosed is my pedigree, AKC registered."

"I think she’s too good for you, Thomas.”

Princess Petra
By: Jerry H.

Thomas studied the ancient palace’s ghostly reflection on the glass while he hung his sign. He wondered if Petra was watching him through the window in her flat. The hole that was born when she left had gnawed at his soul. His guilt in criticizing her on going to Vienna to study art encapsulated him in a force field of despair. He selfishly wanted to bask in his own glory of being voted Norwood’s best fry cook. He now waited in the cafĂ© she frequented each morning, espresso adding to his nervousness of leaving his safe life behind, squeezing the engagement ring, praying that Petra still believed in fairy tales.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Juicer: People are so strange

This is one of the strangest videos I've seen in awhile. I would love to know the story behind this. How in the world did they ever get to this point? How long did it take? What did the discussions look like planning something so ridiculous? Do they rehearse this in their mind when they're driving to work, eating breakfast, etc? I find this fascinatingly weird.

How's this apply to writing? Figuring out the inner workings of strange and quirky people can make for great characters in your stories. As you develop your characters and give them traits and quirks think about how they got there. Ask your characters some of the same questions I just "asked" about these newscasters. That'll give your characters depth. Depth makes them believable and interesting.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Scott Docherty found this gem for us. He didn't take it, but I still thought it fit our style. And I'm jealous that the dude can jump that high. I'm too fat. And I'm pretty sure that I'd poke my eye out with the umberella, so I can appreciate the risks this gentleman is willing to take.

Randy H. created our winning entry this week. I love reading Randy's work, because he's very good at giving the reader access into what the character is thinking and why they're thinking those particular thoughts. Along those same lines.... I know that each week you're prompted to create a new character and a new situation, but if a particular character that you created sticks out to you, keep writing! I hope that none of you ever just toss aside ideas. This blog is to encourage to write and think more creatively and to push your minds a bit. You're bound to find a few diamonds in the rough. Keep working, keep striving. Push yourself.

Okay, enough talking. Just read Randy's story and you'll see where a great character is being devolped.

Convincing Mom
By: Randy H.

Yes! This potentially no good, horribly bad day has turned sublime. "Good by" community theater and "so long" teeth whitening commercials. My big break is finally here. I'm going to be a star with endorsements, paparazzi, bling, a pop album….I need to call my friends, oh and mom. How do I tell my mom about this part? Do I mention the bedroom scene? I'll never here the end of it. I know, I'll tell her it's just a kissing scene, which I've done before. What if I have to take my pants off? She'll never understand. Ahhh, I'll say I have a stunt double and that those cheeks aren't mine.

By Linda Gail A.

I supposed I looked a little silly jumping in mid-air wearing shorts and a polo shirt in January holding my umbrella to keep the sleet off me, but I was so thrilled. You see, I’d just left my first weigh in at Weight Watchers and I’d lost 10 pounds. All of the sacrifice was worth it! Now my wife would be off my back because I beat her; she only lost 2 pounds. Now it’s time for a chili dog, because calories don’t count the day you weigh in. Here I come hot chili and melted cheese over mystery meat. I can’t wait!

By: Joshua S.

Cecil was the happiest he's ever been. He felt like he was replaying the "singing in the rain" movie scene. Earlier this week Cecil and his friends saw that the new employee at the Women's Hair Salon was attractive, and Cecil bet his friends 20 dollars that he could get her number in a week. He got her number today after only 4 days. His strategy was going to the salon each day to shop for hair products for his relatives. After purchasing hair products for his mother, sister, aunt and cousin and spending $322.18 in four days, he finally got her number. Cecil won the bet and 20 dollars.