Monday, February 2, 2009


Scott Docherty found this gem for us. He didn't take it, but I still thought it fit our style. And I'm jealous that the dude can jump that high. I'm too fat. And I'm pretty sure that I'd poke my eye out with the umberella, so I can appreciate the risks this gentleman is willing to take.

Randy H. created our winning entry this week. I love reading Randy's work, because he's very good at giving the reader access into what the character is thinking and why they're thinking those particular thoughts. Along those same lines.... I know that each week you're prompted to create a new character and a new situation, but if a particular character that you created sticks out to you, keep writing! I hope that none of you ever just toss aside ideas. This blog is to encourage to write and think more creatively and to push your minds a bit. You're bound to find a few diamonds in the rough. Keep working, keep striving. Push yourself.

Okay, enough talking. Just read Randy's story and you'll see where a great character is being devolped.

Convincing Mom
By: Randy H.

Yes! This potentially no good, horribly bad day has turned sublime. "Good by" community theater and "so long" teeth whitening commercials. My big break is finally here. I'm going to be a star with endorsements, paparazzi, bling, a pop album….I need to call my friends, oh and mom. How do I tell my mom about this part? Do I mention the bedroom scene? I'll never here the end of it. I know, I'll tell her it's just a kissing scene, which I've done before. What if I have to take my pants off? She'll never understand. Ahhh, I'll say I have a stunt double and that those cheeks aren't mine.

By Linda Gail A.

I supposed I looked a little silly jumping in mid-air wearing shorts and a polo shirt in January holding my umbrella to keep the sleet off me, but I was so thrilled. You see, I’d just left my first weigh in at Weight Watchers and I’d lost 10 pounds. All of the sacrifice was worth it! Now my wife would be off my back because I beat her; she only lost 2 pounds. Now it’s time for a chili dog, because calories don’t count the day you weigh in. Here I come hot chili and melted cheese over mystery meat. I can’t wait!

By: Joshua S.

Cecil was the happiest he's ever been. He felt like he was replaying the "singing in the rain" movie scene. Earlier this week Cecil and his friends saw that the new employee at the Women's Hair Salon was attractive, and Cecil bet his friends 20 dollars that he could get her number in a week. He got her number today after only 4 days. His strategy was going to the salon each day to shop for hair products for his relatives. After purchasing hair products for his mother, sister, aunt and cousin and spending $322.18 in four days, he finally got her number. Cecil won the bet and 20 dollars.

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