Monday, February 9, 2009


This week's photo was taken by Cindy Tucker. I asked her for a little background on the shot. "Remember that local bakery in Dresden, Germany that I visited while I was attending the 24-7 Prayer International Leaders Gathering? Well this sign was located just a few doors down to what looked like a resident entrance. There was a group of us walking to lunch when we discovered it. Needless to say, I think this young man's sign had it's picture taken by at least half the attendees of the gathering."

"We attempt to contact the person and invite them to lunch with us because we wanted to hear his story and what adventures the sign had brought, but he wasn't home."

Also, the administers at 110words made an executive decision to just start focusing on the entries as a whole, and not "picking an winning entry". Because really, everyone's entries should be highlighted. And now, without further interruption...

Next Step
By: Josh S.

Thomas was trying to come across as embarrassed by the sign he secretly put on the window of the family diner acting as if someone else was responsible for it. It had been 4 years since the accident. Thomas had barely spoken to or even looked at a woman since he lost his wife. Last night he had decided to move on after much encouragement from his family and his daughter. He needed a way to jump start the process to let everyone know he was ready. His daughter came up with the sign idea as a joke. Deep down Thomas hoped that something might come out of the sign.

Window Shopping
By: Randy H.

Hey look honey, in this window. It looks as if someone is desperate for a date. Isn't that romantic?

Romantic? It's a hand made WANT ad! What's wrong with the world when a man can't walk up to a woman and ask her face-to-face for a date?

These are different times dear. Young people today meet and get to know each other on the computer. He must not be able to afford one of those match making web sites.

This recession is nailing everyone…banks, retailers, auto makers, and even single guys. I betcha Henry Ford never had trouble getting laid! He didn't need a computer, that's for sure.

By Linda Gail A.

“Wanted – Lil’ Sexy Gal ta make me warm this Fall – Reward….” I stuck it up on my parent’s shop window with two pieces of gum. I just hope she walks by before my Pops sees it, because I know he’ll take it down. He wouldn’t understand. But, Emily will understand and know it’s for her. After all, she’s the cutest girl in the second grade, and she dressed up as a princess for Halloween. I overheard her telling a friend that she wanted a boy who would make a scene for her. Hope this works before any of the guys see this or I’m toast!

The Princess
By: Mary F.

Hey, Thomas, what’s with that ad?” Jake asked.

“Just what it says,” Thomas replied, not bothering to look up from his computer screen.

“Don’t you want to find your princess yourself?”

“No time for that. I’ll pick from the applicants.”

“Well, Thomas,” Jake said two weeks later. “You got a response.”

“Just read it to me. I have to finish this program.”

“Hey, big guy. I’m just what you need – a well built royal brunette. Cuddling is my cup of tea. If you want to go out and play, I’m game. Consider me your little princess. Enclosed is my pedigree, AKC registered."

"I think she’s too good for you, Thomas.”

Princess Petra
By: Jerry H.

Thomas studied the ancient palace’s ghostly reflection on the glass while he hung his sign. He wondered if Petra was watching him through the window in her flat. The hole that was born when she left had gnawed at his soul. His guilt in criticizing her on going to Vienna to study art encapsulated him in a force field of despair. He selfishly wanted to bask in his own glory of being voted Norwood’s best fry cook. He now waited in the cafĂ© she frequented each morning, espresso adding to his nervousness of leaving his safe life behind, squeezing the engagement ring, praying that Petra still believed in fairy tales.

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John Arns said...

Linda's story made me laugh when reading that the guy is elementary school age. If he's this amorous now, look out ladies when he hits puberty.