Thursday, February 5, 2009

Juicer: People are so strange

This is one of the strangest videos I've seen in awhile. I would love to know the story behind this. How in the world did they ever get to this point? How long did it take? What did the discussions look like planning something so ridiculous? Do they rehearse this in their mind when they're driving to work, eating breakfast, etc? I find this fascinatingly weird.

How's this apply to writing? Figuring out the inner workings of strange and quirky people can make for great characters in your stories. As you develop your characters and give them traits and quirks think about how they got there. Ask your characters some of the same questions I just "asked" about these newscasters. That'll give your characters depth. Depth makes them believable and interesting.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that they just did an entire newscast in gestures. The only question that remains is why did the dog run down the street carrying a loaf of bread? (It was a quick bit just before they did the sports news, in case you missed it).

John Arns said...

It's also obvious that these two have co-anchored for quite awhile and are most likely good friends. They'd be a choreographer's dream.

John Arns said...

I just had to watch this again. ALOT of work went into perfecting this synchronized act. day in, day out, day in, day out. waiting through commercial breaks, weather reports, and other off-camera occurrences. several months of practicing transpired to bring this well matched duo to this juncture. they just had to do it to relieve the monotony of everyday off camera waiting. and maybe a side venture is just what they need; away from the news cameras and into a windy city act of their own.