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Honestly, what is not to love about this photo?

Week #026 and 'Big Elephants' as I like to call this picture, wrap up our 3 week series on character devolpment. If you're new to 110words or simply haven't read the blog in a while, our writers were prompted to connect the last 3 weeks worth of photos and intwine each photo with the original character they created in week 1. It was just simply the idea of taking taking the same character along for different rides.

I hope the writers enjoyed writing them as much as you all enjoy reading them.

A Conversation
By: Josh S.

“Hey there Crimson Tidette. What up?”

“Why are you wearing yellow rubber pants?”

“I’m a fisherman, except today I am a fisher of women. I like your shirt.”

“That’s the first time I’ve heard that lame line. Being a “fiisher of women”, you should get your eyes checked because this ain’t no shirt honey.”

“Oh I see”

“Get lost pal, I’m only here to hang out with real Alabama fans.”

“I am a fan, in fact, I could be arrested for even being here. Didn’t you hear about my Alabama fishing boat?”

“No way, you’re that crazy Geoff guy who Alabama has a restraining order against?”

“In the flesh baby”

By: Linda Gail A.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw her. I, Willie Worthington, was speechless. She was the epitome of everything a good woman should be: a Crimson Tide fan that wasn’t afraid to wear her support out for all to see. I found out from my buddies that her name was Maude. I also found out she was married to the meanest cuss this side of the Mississippi river. I never approached Maude. But my eyes never strayed far from where she was. I came in off the lake to attend the final game of the season. I didn’t see a single play of that game.

By: Jerry H.

“Mom” Leroy exclaimed as he embraced his mother in a huge hug. Leroy’s daughter Tammilou groaned, not at her grandmother’s clothing (Tammilou was wearing the same outfit), but that her dad was embarrassing her with his enthusiasm.

“Son I am so proud of you, all that money you gave to the school that made the Crimson Tide so good they’re in the Super Bowl.”
Leroy shrugged, his mother continued.” They fixed up your luxury box the way you wanted it, with a big pond, and a surprise from home.”

Leroy’s face exploded in delight pouring even more embarrassment on Tammilou. “The fishin’ chair?”


Leroy jumped and shouted with joy.

Painted Memory
By: Randy H.

“I don’t think Herb saw me”, said Kenny to himself, gasping for air after running down the ridge as fast as he could.

Catching his breath, Kenny cranked the motor to his craft and headed toward the middle of the lake. With the high sky and a stiff breeze, Kenny’s mind wondered, remembering the company he kept on Saturday afternoons. Pulling an old photograph from his pocket, he thought of his beloved mother. Kenny was just a teenager when it was taken. It was the only game they ever attended in person.

Pushing a tear away, Kenny cried, “I know you’re up there watchin’ mama. I miss ya.”

"Crazy Dorene"
By: Russ B.

It had been a year since Festus’ disappearance on Ellyfnat Lake... and his wife, Dorene (she prefers “widow”) had gone quite mad.

Though most believe Festus had “run-off” with another, Dorene is convinced ellyfants got him.
“I seen da blud on da water... but i kant call it dat. I call it crinsum tide. It helps me not be sad when I hear dat blud tune.”

Because of Dorene’s indiscretions, just two days after the Festus disappearance, townsfolk require her to wear the letter “A” on her clothing.

She is also required to carry a bag of Potpourri (she thinks it keeps away the ellyfants)
...but it wasn’t working.

Jennie Lou
By: Mary F.

It was sure nice of JennieLou to send me her picture. I ain’t seen her since Ma died. She’s a real Alabama woman like Ma, and her hubby’s darling. “Always wanted a woman with meat on the bones.” he used to say. “She’s built for lovin.” Sure hope they hang together till death like Pa and Ma did.

Bubba, and me and JennieLou – we’ll still mournin Ma’s passing. She died so quick. Hit by a drunk driver. Pa went off the deep end then and got suckered into marrying that yankee.

It’s like we’re orphans now, me and Bubba and JennieLou. Makes me cry every time I think about it.

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Anonymous said...

The last paragraph of "Jennie Lou"...

"She is also required to carry a bag of Potpourri (she thinks it keeps away the ellyfants)
...but it wasn’t working."

should be located as the last paragraph of "Crazy Dorene".