Saturday, July 4, 2009

In The News

We wanted to try something different this time around with the picture. Instead of just picking a random photo to write about, we decided to choose a photo that was relevant to that particular week's news. Therefore, "In the News" was born. The photo above was taken from the Fox New website about telemarketing calls. We asked our bloggers to put their spin on what they thought the news story was about.

Monster Government
By: Randy H.

In our ‘Monster Government’ segment tonight we have learned that automotive dealerships are advancing the ‘Clunkers for Cash’ legislation way over the limits of the recently passed legislation. Dealers are getting aggressive offering, via pre-recorded telephone call, $4500 vouchers for all sales, ignoring the fuel efficiency provision all together. The lots are so full that dealers are fighting for their lives knowing that if sales continue at this slow pace franchises could be eliminated—not from bankruptcy, mind you, but by a government that doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Desperation from an already uncertain auto industry makes everyone skittish. Nothing like a government take over to calm the storm.

By: Linda Gail A.

Our top story tonight on Fox News exposes the high pressure sales tactics used by Best Chance Auto Warranty Corporation. It appears that salespersons call individuals based upon a list provided by the bureau of labor and statistics and badger them into buying their extended warranty product making promises that the warrant covers absolutely any kind of breakdown. It is only when consumers take their vehicles into auto repair shops that they discover they have been conned. When consumers call the 800 number they get a recording of someone laughing. The attorney general is currently conducting an investigation, and Fox News will keep you posted as updates occur.

Poor Punjab
By: Jerry H.

Punjab Viceroy Patel sat at his workstation underneath the ominous cloud of unfiltered cigarette smoke. He distractedly thanked the barista for his coffee, placed his earphones, and watched the monitor scroll through 218,364 phone numbers. He practiced his script, “Hello I am Jim Smith from Dubuque Iowa.” The word Iowa was the only one that gave him trouble and yesterday’s screaming session from his supervisor still injured his soul. “President Obama tasked me in asking you to help re-elect him, don’t vote for that SL$& Sarah Palin! Punjab didn’t notice and would not have known the 907 area codes that was his target today would cause him to change history.

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